Sunday, August 31, 2008

What's worse than a spider on your front porch?

We have a couple garden spiders that spin these beautiful webs in our yard.  I have a picture of one next to Jayden's hand so you can see how big they get.  How ever one of the garden spiders liked to spin webs on our front porch (front door).   Grandma Lea went to leave one night and almost ran into the spider on her way out.  We took down the web.  The next morning Guy went to leave and the spider had made another web covering the front porch.  Guy dunked under it and went to leave.  He realized he had forgotten something and ran back into the house (forgetting about the spider).  Big mistake.  He ran right into that spider web, finding the spider on the tip of his nose.  He did a cute little dance, removing the spider from his nose.  All I can say is better him than me.  By the way, the spider has not made a web on our front porch since.
And the answer to the question.  What is worse than a spider on your front porch?  A spider on the tip of your nose, of course.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Camping in the play house

Jayden and Daddy camped in the play house.  Jayden was so excited.  They got to stay up late and they watched a movie.  (Even though I don't think watching movies has anything to do with camping.)  But they were not the only ones who stayed up late.  The mosquitos were out too and I think they won.  Jayden had 11 bites on his hand, 10 bites on his face and more bites everywhere else.  Good thing they had fun or else I think all they would remember is their unwanted guests.

We love going outside!.

Jena and Josh love being outside.  We have a sand and water table they played in for the first time.  They splashed and played.  They were up and down.  After about 30 minutes they were dirty and I think their diapers absorbed as much water and mud as they possibly could.  I finally removed the diapers and let them play in their birthday suits.  They had so much fun.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Josh's walk

Poor Josh had roseola this week.  He had a high fever for 5 days and then the rash came.  During the 5 days I thought there was no way it could be roseola because Jena wasn't sick.  They share everything, but on the 6th day the rash came.  At least we finally knew what was wrong.  The end of the week Josh was his old self and practicing walking as you can see in the clip above.

Peek-A-Boo Jena

Jena is our big ham.  She loves to play Peek-A-Boo as in the video above.  She has also made her first sign(sign Language) which is milk.  She waves bye bye and claps her hands.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Jayden's photos

Jayden received a camera for his birthday.  He is having tons of fun with it.  But what does a 6 year old take a picture of take a look.